Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family day!

Sunday was a beautiful day for family.  My Uncle Peter came over for a visit and I hadn't seen him for 9yrs.  I also had my brother Josh and his 3 kiddies over so it was a very busy house but was worth it.  Uncle Peter is my bio dad's brother and he has lived in Perth for many years.  So we had lots of catching up to do.  It was quite emotional because every time I looked at him he reminded me of my father and how much he is like him.  My father has been gone now for 32yrs but still miss him as though it was yesterday.  We just sat and chatted for a long time and realised I could've done it all day.  It was wonderful to hear stories of my father in his heydays and to hear how close Uncle Pete and him were.  I always wonder how much he would've loved my children and how much he is missing but I guess that he will always be with us through me and my children.  I just have to look in the mirror.  So after a lovely day filled with stories, cakes, biscuits, custard tarts and cups of tea it was time to say good-bye til next time.  Tummy full-check  Heart full-check.