Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well its been quite awhile since my last blog and I guess alot has happened but am not gonna rave on, but a general idea is that last year we had four major birthday's.  16yrs, 13yrs , 10yrs & 5yrs.  Lost a dear Grand-father,(Cyril Bull), Uncle (Ted Amos) & Aunty (Bessy Tana).  Rob changed his job.  The eldest left home.  Four friends from NZ have moved to Perth and another is on her way in August.  I have a beautiful church family that I have been very blessed with.  My children are very healthy and happy.  Who could ask for anything more.  The only thing I regret is a parent that refuses to acknowledge the beautiful children that exists in this life.  So all in all its been very busy but also rewarding.  This new lifestyle in Perth has been an experience that I continue to embrace, and look forward to new adventures that will arise.

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